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  • WORKER'S COMPENSATION FRAUD - With 43 years of experience, our primary focus is in the area of Worker's Compensation Fraud. Our trained surveillance crew maintains the highest work quality and expertise in the industry. Our staff is trained in surveillance techniques, courtroom demeanor as well as writing detailed reports.


  • INFIDELITY / A CHEATING SPOUSE OR PARTNER -. Most of the time if you have enough reason to suspect a cheating partner you are probably correct. With today's advanced video techniques, it is possible to video even the most intimate moments making it impossible for that person to talk they're way out of it with some lame excuse.


  • ACTIVITY CHECK - An activity check is done on a 4 hour basis. This would be an investigator going to a neighborhood, sitting and watching and if nothing is happening, knock on a few doors and find out, in an undisclosed manner, what the person does on a normal day. This type of investigation is effective for low budget checks of spouses during lunch, after work etc...

Lake Investigations

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